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Milan shows pops of colour!

The City of Milan stays close to my heart, as I spent a year in this Fashion infested city, as a student at IED MODA LAB. Being from India, and staying abroad for the first time , It was a completely different cultural experience for me. Fashion weeks were the most exciting of times! Our School used to provide us with few invitations, for which I would be eagerly waiting for.But, those are not the only shows which my friends and I, used to attend. With the show schedule and the map of Milan in hand, we would leave in our best stylish attire and reach venues of fashion shows, producing our school ID card at the entrance, and a lot of times, we were allowed in. It was an exciting thing to do. I remember standing at the venue, of Giorgio Armani show and standing in awe at the different styles in which the guests arrived..That was more than a decade ago.

Now sitting back at home in India at my work desk, I no longer get the privilege to scout the Fashion city nor watch these shows in person. Thanks to the internet though, for I get to watch them as videos and pictures..

Coming to the present, Milan has just had a busy week, with the spring/summer 2019 shows. I noticed that there has been pops of colour everywhere, in almost every show.

Versace, had solids, stripes and checks in a 1970's pallette and also some neon solids. The Colour palette extended to patchwork of florals too. To View the entire Versace collection click here.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Though most of the collection was beiges, taupes and Browns, a trench coat or a Jackets in bright pops of colour was shown. View the entire collection here.

Giorgio Armani's show had evening wear in iridescent and aquatic colours. View the entire collection here.

Dolce & Gabbana, show seemed to start with blacks and the liking, but was fun to watch when the looks moved to a splash of bright florals and pom pomps. Red was a dominant colour in most of the shows. To View Dolce and Gabbana;s show click here.

And here are some images from Marni's show. To view Marni's full show click here.

So, Yes! Bright pops of colour are surely an in thing for the coming season. They are either showing up as solids in neons, or hitting us in the form of clashes of prints.

Do Stay tuned for more updates..

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