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Conversational Prints...Then and Now

Those that are supposed to speak to us. Thats has a recognisable image in them! 'Weird' I thought. Which woman will want to put them up on their attire, I wondered, until one day a client asked me to create some conversational prints!

Bingo! all of those I created were instantly liked and picked up for production, and thats when a spark of interest flew in me..I realised that women don't always like flowers on their clothes. Its not just the kids or home decor, we see conversational everywhere.

The more I thought about it, the more it intrigued me and hence I dived deep into researching this trend. I am amazed at how I found it everywhere, in the past, the present and obviously in the future.

One great example is the dress by Elsa Schiaparelli in 1936. She was considered as the most prominent fashion designer between the two world wars.She often collaborated with artist Salvador Dali, to create bold surrealistic designs.She was the master of wearable art.Astrology, tattoos, paganism, the circus and surrealist art were some of her themes. She believed that Fashion and art enrich a deeper understanding of the world around us, She is said to have preferred to keep herself out of the limelight, but always made sure that her designs speak out loud, which in todays fashion scenario, we call it"Conversationals

And down the years, many designers have made collections with different conversational prints

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Now its time to make some and add it to my own collection !#surfacepatterndesign #conversationals #conversationalprints #catwalks #vintage #designers #runway #trendresearch #conversationaltrend


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