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A short and sweet visit to the DG Expo at Dallas, on June 16th , 2016 was exhilarating for my friend Vidya, who went on my behalf. A small show, but with abundance of inspiration and fun, meeting new people. Thanks to her for this huge favour.

The various fabric companies, displaying their collection of fabrics, was a great source of inspiration.

A myriad of contemporary florals, baby zoo, free flowing florals, with geometric patterns..butterfly garden and a lot more.

And there we went, with our own interpretation of florals, folksy vintage prints, geometrics stripes and plaids.

If you are interested in knowing more about us or viewing more from our existing collection, you can simply write to

We are most thankful for all the fabric company representatives, who shared their story with us. It was a pleasure to connect with all of you. Vidya came back ,charged up with more enthusiasm, to let our creativity flow in abundance!

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