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A Tribute to Earth Day

The Earth is often referred to as "Mother Earth". She is the base of existence for every living being, and superior to all other planets in the universe. Without her, we are nowhere.

Globally, designers have been inspired by the innumerous things that she has offered. The bark of trees, the foliage of leaves, the distinct patterns on animals, birds and reptiles, textures on sand and much much more..

Our design team is certainly not an exception, from being inspired by this vast resource. Collections inspired by nature are evergreen, florals are classic, barks of trees provide interesting textures, last but not the least, animals are another great source of inspiration.

We are also working on the current "Earthed" trend for Autumn/Winter 2017/18. You can check out our trend board at pinterest:

Some of our animal prints , a part of this trend:

The previous post on butterflies, are also a part of this trend.!We-have-a-natural-visitor/pyz31/57023e5c0cf27bf9349a8eef

As we get so much from mother earth, it is also our duty to do something in return. Especially in todays materialistic world where everyone is moving towards technology, the importance of protecting the natural resources , needs to be instilled in everyone's mind. One way is to simply plant trees and nurture them, another is to avoid using plastic.

But this is just not enough. As designers we use our creativity to bring awareness amongst all, As a tribute to mother earth, we have started off with some doodling on "trees for tees" . Also a big thanks to Mrs. Anjali Schiavina for inspiring me to get going with these graphics..

We will work on this further , add colours and create stunning graphics, and we hope that it will be a delight to the wearer and also to mother earth!

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